We have to say that this years "Inclusion Matters" event was not like any time before !!!
We decided as a team to organise an event which combined some interactive games with a typical BBQ.

The purpose of these games was to make people think how is to live a day of a disabled person by doing certain things without some of their abilities.As you can see from the pictures below we had a really good time playing these games and we think as a team we made all the people who attended the event aware of the difficuktie of being disabled.

Here is the event list :

a) BBQ in the dark 

b) Blind Aim 

c) Blind Box 

d) I don't hear anything 

e) The tale 


Furthermore we cooked with a BBQ oven and we all ate a big amount of meat and roast vegetables !
Although the event was supposed to be inclusively for erasmus students many Greek people came and they got to know our organisation better.
For all these reasons our ESN TUC team is very pleased with all the people who attended and helped us 

We would like also to thank our big sponsor "Charma Beer-Cretan Beer" and  "Red Bull" for providing us with endless Beers and Energy drinks !
Enjoy !